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Tél. : 06 81 35 13 96
Paris - Cloyes-Les-Trois-Rivières




Monroe Institute Excursion Workshop held in Paris. 2-day program : 250€.

This is a once a year Excursion workshop in English in Paris, spaces fill up fast !

This program is facilitated by Nelly Jolivet and can be organized on demand outside Paris or at private homes. The best is to call 06 81 35 13 96 and find out.the conditions.

For more information on the program, you can check out

Monroe Institute - France.


"A word and my perceptions" 1-day program : 120€.

Co-organized with Marie Christine Malengana, relaxation therapist and stress management specialist.


Psychogenealogy L'Héritage inconscient®. 2-day program : 250€.


For more information call 06 81 35 13 96.



Le Calendrier Nature : Traditions, Imaginaire et Inconscient


  Ateliers de l'Hermitage

  Collection Feuilles


  ISBN : 978-2-9537215-0-8

  Price : 22,50€



Published by Ateliers de l'Hermitage, Le Calendrier Nature, or Calnate®, takes you on a journey in our society following Nature's seasons and transformations.


The book offers practical exercises linked to the Moon's phases. These are meant to harmonize and match one's moods with natural rythms.


I call it a sacred bond with Earth and all forms of life.